Milk Meters - iMilk401 S&G 

iMilk401 Sheep & Goats (small ruminants range) is the new, compact control panel designed for the farmer that wants milk yield indication and reliable automatic cluster removal (ACR) but for the small ruminants range. It ensures fast and gentle milking and reduces the risk of over-milking.

The display shows in real time, production data and early alarm notification. iMilk401 S&G assures advanced control of pulsation, stimulation and washing per milking point. The system is versatile and ideal for sheep and goats. iMilk401 S&G is also available with Dairy Management Software and allows manual or automatic identification of each animal within the herd.

The features and benefits of the iMilk401 S&G:
  • Advanced milk yield indicator
  • Advanced pulsation, stimulation & ACR
  • Centralised washing control
  • Available with Dairy Management Software
  • Ideal for small ruminants
  • Conductivity alarm
  • Manual or Automatic ID
  • Reliable and sturdy



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Per Place ID for iMilk401 

milkrite | InterPuls new automatic identification Per Place ID iMilk401 works with the iMilk401 milking panel and the Dairy Management Software.

For a more efficient identification, an antenna is mounted directly on the shell of each milking cluster. This antenna then contacts the pedometer mounted on the leg of the animal, when the milking cluster is released it identifies the animal. This data is then sent to the Dairy Management system and to the iMilk401 where the milking then starts automatically.



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