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Liner Exchange Service 

Liner Exchange Service (LES) is our great value service where we change and clean your liners for you. Our certified dealers or milkrite | InterPuls technician will visit your farm and help with the installation as well as establish your liner change date.

The features and benefits of the LES:
  • Save time & money: with LES we will change your liners and shells for you giving you more time to do all the things that matter!
  • Using our Impulse / Impulse Air technology guarantees both improved teat health and optimal milking performance. 
  • Our correctly calibrated and changed premium liner shell technology protects from infection whilst also giving your animals the ultimate level of comfort during milking.
  • LES lets you remain on your current claws, you don’t need to invest in any brackets, wash trays and other modifications.
  • Our Impulse/Impulse Air range is flexible meaning we have a liner suitable to fit all claw types. If you would like to use our claws, check-out our Cluster Exchange Service.
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