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Precision Farming 

“Precision Farming” is the ideal solution to improve your herd’s reproduction, health and wellbeing.

The system is composed by 3 simple elements: 

  • The Precision Farming box - The Precision Farming Box can be installed in office, in the milk room, or directly in the barn.  Just connect the power plug, the LAN plug and the antenna plug, enter your data and start monitoring.
  • The UHF Antenna - Just connect an indoor antenna or an outdoor antenna to start monitoring cow's behaviour on your farm.
  • The Smart Tags - A simple and clear user interface for smartphone, tablet or desktop. This allows you to quickly look through your activities every day, giving your cows the attention they require in a quick and accurate manner.


 "The user-friendly software sends messages concerning heat on a daily basis and this gives us a high number of successful inseminations. The calving interval has gone from 430 down to 370 days. We are highly satisfied."
Gianni Rossi, Reggio Emilia, Italy
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Neck Tags 

The milkrite | InterPuls Neck Tags offer peace of mind to the farmer who worries about the health of his herd.

The tag's eating and rumination monitoring functions represents the next step in automation, tracking every potentially problematic signal regarding the animal's health and reporting it back to the farmer.

The features and benefits of the milkrite | InterPuls Neck Tag:

  • Accurate eating monitoring
  • Wrong collar positioning alarm
  • 24/7 Heat detection
  • Health attention
  • Long life battery


 Other important features are:

  • ISO identification option
  • Calendar events
  • User friendly software add-on
  • Fits to free-stall and pasture
  • Rumination





The pedometer '3D' monitors heat, bovine activity, lying and standing behaviours. Standing and lying monitoring tracks different aspects of the cows behavior and movement. The system accurately tracks the cow 24/7 and issues alerts if there are any changes from the average of the past few days.

The pedometer detects the heat and activity of herd constantly giving the farmer full control over the herd. The software permits the scheduling of events and then alerts the farmer, veterinarian and genetic consultant to the status of the cows.

Detailed information can be displayed through a simple PC or Smartphone. Operators are updated about which cow(s) are in heat, when the oestrus started and when is the time period to proceed with insemination.

The features and benefits of the milkrite | InterPuls Pedometer:

  • 24/7 heat detection.
  • Standing & lying monitoring
  • Low activity alert
  • Long-life battery




  • ISO identification option
  • Calendar events
  • Ergonomic design
  • Heavy duty




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