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In the 1970s milkrite | InterPuls launched the Pulsator range to the market. Today milkrite | InterPuls' Pulsation range helps to define them as one of the world leaders in dairy technologies. 

The Servo-Direct LE30 & LP30 Pulsators:

Today's benchmark for precision, robustness and reliability.

The LE30 is not provided with the internal printed circuit board (PCB) and must be operated by an external pulsation controller (iMilk600, ACRsmart MMV etc.) 
Alternately, LP30 are standalone pulsators and are provided with an internal programmable pulsation PCB, this means they can be programmed on the unit itself and only need an external power source.

The features and benefits of the LE30 & LP30:
  • Our patented Servo-Direct system enables precise signal control
  • Designed to minimise vacuum consumption, and ensure low electrical
    consumption reducing risk of oxidation
  • No need to dismantle the unit if milk escapes into the pulsator, water can simply
    be flushed through the pulsation tubes to clean the unit
  • Quick and easy to service, complete maintenance takes minutes


The L80Air  

The L80Air Pulsators design has been revamped, thanks to the appealing lateral geometry in harmony with the cover lines. The cover features the largest external filter of its kind, which generates a high and continuous air flow – AirBoost.  This ensures a gentle and homogeneous milking with first-class massage phases.The air filter can be cleaned with just one finger. The upper part of the cover is particularly ideal for bucket milking, because it grants a sturdy locking.

The updates also concern the internal design of the cover: the partition wall further protects the mechanism from impurities while the ribbings ensure the product is solid and sturdy.L80Air is available with the standard Milking Ratios and it represents the evolution of a classic of Pulsation, the perfect solution for the modern farmer.

The features and benefits of the L02Air:

  • Improved milking performance
  • Reinforced internal partition walls: additional protection from impurities
  • Gentle and uniform milking
  • Maintenance free
  • Sturdy and reliable 
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Vacuum Pulsators: The L02Air

L02 has been supercharged! Milking performance has been improved with +50% of AirBoost. L02Air provides a uniform, gentle milking for all operating conditions; thanks to the oversized filtering surface. The new design allows the air filter to be cleaned with just one finger, without removing the cover. This makes L02Air a service-free vacuum Pulsator!

The features and benefits of the Ultraliner range:

  • Oversized filtering surface
  • Improved performance
  • Gentle and uniform milking
  • Excellent massage phase
  • SUREMATCH system & a new design
  • Easy to clean filter



IUC Pulsator Controller Box: IUC 24

The The IUC 24 12VDC is a control box equipped with a switching transformer used to supply power to the electrical pulsator (LE30) with a 12VDC 16.7A output at a maximum of 25°C (77°F). It is capable of supplying power to a maximum of 24 Pulsators (front & rear) divided in four channels (maximum of six Pulsators per channel).

Every pulsator is equipped with two electric coils: one rear and one front. It is possible to program the ratio to 10÷90 (90÷10) and with a programmable frequency of between 30 and 260 pulsations per minute. The Maximum absorption of every electric coil: 3.6W at 12VDC (absorption approximately 270mAcc).

Every channel must supply a maximum nominal of 4.175A (two electric coils simultaneously for six pulsators) and has a maximum power supply limit set by the controlling CPU of approximately 5.0A +10% -0%.
The device uses the classic switching technology and therefore absorbs the current with almost unique power as per the norms in force in Europe (EN61000 and derivatives).



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