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Our homepage to our website. We provide solutions in Dairy Liners, Milking Control Units, Automation, Pulsation, Dairy Wash Systems, Milk Tubing and much more.
Milk Liners
This page provides an overview of our milk liners. It looks at the various milk liner technologies we have available to assist and improve milking on the modern dairy farm.
Milking Clusters
This page provides an overview of our milking Clusters. It looks at the various technologies that make up our milking clusters and how they can assist and improve milking on the modern dairy farm.
Small Ruminants Range
This page looks at our range of Interface products suitable for sheep and goats. This includes our wide range of dairy liners for sheep and goats and other milking cluster options.
Wash Cups and Trays
This page provides an information on our range of wash cups and trays. We supply a variety of these all of which helps support and improve the hygiene on farms.
Milk Claws
In addition to Milking Liners we sell the accompanying Milk Claws. We sell 2 main types and this page looks into them.
Dairy Tubing
This page provides an overview of our dairy tubing. It looks at how our dairy tubing complies to various bodies surrounding hygiene and overall how we can assist and improve milking on the modern dairy farm.
Merricks Calf Feeder
milkrite | InterPuls also sell a range of calf feeding equipment.
Portable Milking Machines
Vacuum Care
Vacuum Pumps
Milk Receivers
IUC Pulsator Controller Boxs
Milk Meter - iMilkNano & MMC
Milk Meter - iMilk600
Milk Meter - ACRsmart MMV
Automatic Remover - ACRsmart
Milk Meter - Small Ruminants
This page displays all information on our milk point control system products that are suitable for small ruminant animals like sheep and goats.
Cleaning Solutions
Herd Management: MyFarm
EXT Herd Management Software
Precision Farming
Farm Services
Cluster Exchange
Pulsator Exchange
Tag Exchange
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Interface Product Catalogue
Advanced PCI Product Catalogue (Precision, Control, Intelligence)
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