Quality and Environmental Policy

Based on the aims of continuous improvement of the quality of the products supplied and the management of the company processes, we have implemented the Quality
Management System according to UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 and the Environmental Management System according to UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015; also confirming compliance
with the following principles:

  • Attention and satisfaction to customer needs and applicable requirements: "improving every farm we touch"
  • Develop new technologies that expand our product range
  • Allow dealers to satisfy their customers with a wide portfolio of quality products from a trusted brand, leading to increased profitability and customer retention
  • Provide products that comply with the regulations subjected
  • Disseminate the principles of quality by empowering everyone on their tasks
  • Solve customer problems quickly through a consolidated sales support and after-sales assistance
  • Transfer our product & application knowledge through our global sales structures and training to motivate our dealers and support them
  • Reinforce improvement opportunities
  • Respect the environmental requirements and obligations
  • Manage the waste following the rules for separate waste collection

We want to strengthen our milkrite | lnterPuls Brand, maintaining the leadership in the Interface segment and expanding the distribution of PCI products through the
Technical Dealer network.
We believe in the growth of Farm Services because a growing number of our customers see an advantage in accessing our product range through rental.
Our objectives will be pursued with the aim of minimizing the impact of our activities on the environment in accordance with legislation, standards and "best practices", to be
considered part of a sustainable future through sustainable development.

The Quality System is process oriented and own the assessment of this for a rapid achievement of the objectives and to ensure the products on the market are comply with the regulations to
which they are subject (Machinery Directive, EMC, L VD, RoHS, MOGA). The Quality System is certified and continuously updated according to the UNI EN 9001 legislation. The
Environmental Management System is oriented to continuous improvement, in attention regarding the environmental problems, to the obseNance of Rules, Standards, Laws in force and
applicable Standards. The Environmental System is certified and continuously updated according to the UNI EN14001 legislation.