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Dairy cow breeds & milk production: the Brown Swiss cow

Are you sure you know everything about dairy cattle and that your breed is the most suitable for your milking purpose? Get to know the main dairy cattle breeds better, improving your milking efficiency!

After introducing the Holstein and the Jersey cows, our Farm Services Global Director, Martin Eistrup will introduce the Brown Swiss breed.

As the name suggests, this cow comes from Switzerland, but it has such a massive impact across the world. So, what are the features of the Brown Swiss cow, which have led it to become the second largest dairy breed in the world, as reported by The Cattle Site?

Next stop: the Brown Swiss cow!

In this video, you’ll find some insights into the geographic distribution of Brown Swiss cows, their milk composition, and which farming goals this breed is most suitable for!

We hope that these insights provide you with more information about this cow breed shortly we will introduce another breed. So that you may better know your cows and increase your farm efficiency, Stay tuned and read our next Blog episode!



Date: 07 September 2022 to 31 December 2098

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