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Dairy cow breeds & milk production: the Holstein cow – Part 1

Are you sure you know everything about dairy cattle, and that your breed is the most suitable for your milking purpose? Get to know the main dairy cattle breeds better, improving your milking efficiency! 

There are several dairy cow breeds across the world, and each one has a specific impact on the market, related to their physical features, milk yield, and nutrient richness. Therefore, to make sure you choose the best breed for your purpose, Martin Eistrup, our Global Farm Services Director, cleared out some essential information about each dairy cow, and how MI can help you optimize the milking performance, thanks to a wide range of liners specifically fit for certain types of teats. 

Let’s start with the Holstein cow! 

The most popular breed is the Holstein cow. For this reason, it has also received an important nomination: do you know what it is?  

Learn more in the video below, where you will also find more insights into the story of the breed, as well as its main purpose. 

Now, do you know why Holsteins have such a massive impact across the world? 

You will discover it soon, as there is still much to be told about these cows and other dairy cattle breeds. Do not miss our next Blog episodes to find out the most suitable cows for your milking goals, and what type of liner could fit their needs best! 


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Date: 04 August 2022

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