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Efficiency through Precision Farming: is this the future of dairy farming? Part 2

Profitability, self-sufficiency, food safety and sustainability will be crucial in the future of Dairy farming. We hope that the previous episode on this topic helped to clarify how “Precision Farming” can help you reach reaching your farms goals, whilst helping your farm approve in the four areas mentioned above. If you still have doubts, then read on to learn more about Precision Farming through a couple of case-studies that illustrates the features and benefits of Precision Farming to help you decide if this new farming methods has a place on your farm in the future.

Case Study Examples

milkrite | InterPuls cow monitoring:

The use of milkrite | InterPuls Cow Monitoring has had several positive results on our customers farms.

The below will explore this topic and see how a Cow monitoring system can make significant improvements in financial savings and in regards to management efficiency on your farms.

Firstly: Time savings

Time is an essential and valuable factor on all farms. The simple and schematic presentation of the most important key figures and data on your farm gives you a quick and thorough overview of your farm. The focus here is on heat events and events surrounding animal health.

While other systems quickly provide an overflow of information, the milkrite | InterPuls Cow Monitoring system scores and has a more targeted accurate focus.

Secondly: Financial gain

The use of milkrite | InterPuls Cow Monitoring system also helps to manage your farms profits.

By reducing the average intermediate calenderage time of 23 days, an additional profit of 69,- € can be achieved. Here, we are regarding only the feeding costs of an average of 3,- € .

Additional, costs can also be saved via more accurate health monitoring through the system. For example: in relation to mastitis. Based on a new infection rate of 0.4%, on a 200 cow farm with an average capacity of 10,000 liters, savings of up to €2,133 are possible here due to the accuracy and early detection of the system!

milkrite | InterPuls Cow Monitoring system detects a health problems earlier than humans ever can. If classical mastitis is also detected, treatment may be performed earlier again saving the farmer money. Up to 238 litres of milk per lactation. With a milk price of 0.32 €, 76,- € per cow come together.

Fattoria Rossi – UHF heat detection

Fattoria Rossi is a farm located North of Italy, with 250 Holstein Cows, of which 140 of are producing 4.5 tons of milk for Parmigiano-Reggiano (an award-winning local cheese producer).

The farm tried a UHF Heat detection system a few years ago, during this time they noted a higher percentage of successful inseminations. “Before having this system, the heat detection was made by milkers but of course it was not accurate” says Gianni Rossi, the farm Manager, they continued to say: “The system sends daily messages through PC, smartphones or tablets according to your choice and tells which cow is on heat, what stage she’s at. It’s very easy to use. We stopped prostaglandine injections and we decided to extend it to the whole herd as we experienced great advantages in terms of money and time-saving.

We hope that these examples and case studies has helped display to you the bright future of dairy farming, and although it is full of challenges for sure, there is also great potential in technology out there to be investigated. Follow us for further insights and interesting information about dairy farming and why not read the link and watch the video below to get learn more about precision farming!

More information on Precision Farming Products here: MyFarm



Date: 27 October 2020

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