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How much do you know about dairy farming? Answer our quiz now!

If you want to improve your dairy farming, make sure you take advantage of each opportunity to expand your knowledge. Let’s recap the information we have shared with you this year, to discover how much you have learnt so far, and what you are eager to discover.

 2021 is almost over. So, along with wishing you a prosperous new year, we would like to revise the main themes we dealt with in our Blog posts throughout this year. Firstly, we acknowledged how farmers are going to evolve by 2050, according to what emerged from studies lead by the European Commission and Aimpoint Research. Both technological and social megatrends will, in fact, drive the change of farmers’ perspectives, determining the rise of multiple profiles motivated by different goals.

 Along with farmers’ evolution, we also showed you how your milking process can develop! In fact, with our experts’ support we shared useful insights on how to improve both your small ruminants’ and cows’ milking, with some helpful tools to be installed in your parlour, and some actions to be implemented to increase farm efficiency, while reducing waste and environmental impact.

 Correct vacuum and pulsation regulation, proper liner usage, and measuring milking performance are only some of the suggestions we made to ensure these ultimate goals are achieved:

  • Your animals are healthy
  • Your milking process is optimized
  • Your future is brighter.

 As the following video illustrates perfectly:


Let’s test how much you have learnt this year, by answering our quiz! You will also have the chance to let us know what topics you would like to be discussed in our future Blog posts. Achieve the best score, and you will be rewarded!

We will now take a break, looking forward to beginning the new year by sending your prizes and sharing some fresh, helpful advice with you.

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Date: 21 December 2021

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