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How to improve your milking process and keep your cows healthy


We have had the pleasure and privilege of working closely with many farms all over the world.  We would now like to share some of this knowledge with you, and also some of our experiences, from introducing and using hood vented liners. 

We are seeing from our time spent on farm, the increasing demand for greater milking speed, while at the same time, keeping the herd as healthy as possible.  The market is demanding more milk, from approximately the same number of cows.  So, we must firstly ask ourselves, is it possible to milk faster, gain more milk, and maintain the quality of the milk, without jeopardizing the health of the herd?

From our many years of experience in using rubber to make dairy liners, working with farms, and conducting extensive research with Universities, we have a strong belief in our philosophy and way of milking.  In fact, it has become part of our DNA.

Our philosophy is reflected in our products, and we know that through the use of vented liners, farms can achieve greater success. 

It is indeed a combination of our products, knowledge, and most importantly, dedication to supporting dairy farms all over the world, that we can make a real difference to your farm.  


Our knowledge serving our common aim: an efficient milking through healthy cows.

When we talk about dairy liners, we are ultimately talking about pieces of rubber that move millions of times, handle more than 60,000 litres of milk, and are subject to high temperatures during washing, as well as aggressive chemicals during cleaning. 

We have been making rubber for over 135 years and for nearly 100 hundred we’ve been in the dairy business, therefore understand the importance of producing high quality products that enable farms to milk their herds Gently, Quickly and Completely. 

After all, it is the liner that is the only part of the milking process that actually touches the cow, which underlines how important it is. 


Our technology, its benefits and our recommendations



Using mouthpiece vented liners during milking, can positively impact milking performance.   

Using vented liners is part of our philosophy and DNA, it is a way of milking that we whole heartedly believe in.  This passion for improving milking, can be seen in all of our experts that visit farms on a daily basis.  We work with dairy farmers to understand their needs and recommend any changes to their settings that will help to optimize milking performance, regardless of which liner they are using.

This is what truly sets us apart, our belief in what we do, our knowledge of milking, and our dedication to serving dairy farmers across the world to improve their farms. 

We have shared below some of the many experiences we have enjoyed. 


Farmers’ experience

“Vented liners provide more efficient milking and milk faster reducing the milking session by 20 minutes. Mastitis cases have been greatly reduced, I would expect the cows to have an extended milking life as these liners are more gentle on the teat”

Kayleigh Stowell - Southfield Farm, Clevedon, Somerset (UK)


“After we switched to vented liners, the average somatic cell count dropped to 67,000 and Nico saw a notable difference in the wellbeing of the animals. All of this adds enjoyment to milking and to the rest of the daily work. With the top venting, the milk flows away from the teat (no teat washing) which eliminates cross-contamination.”

Bon’s Holsteins, Ottoland, South Holland


“Thanks to the vented liners, even the Heifers are equally calm when milking, Mareike says and then explains that there were no visible rings on the udders of his herd since switching to the vented liners.”

Ralf and Mareike Schiedel – Witzmanns, Germany


Every change in the parlor is necessarily a change in the herd life such as in the farmer’s one. This means it deserves a thorough evaluation. But if you trust the supplier, if the good results are evident, if the consequences cannot but turn into benefits, would you still be afraid of the change?


Co-Author: Tim Mitchell , Global Product Manager Interface at milkrite | InterPuls



Date: 10 June 2020

  • Summary:
    In this episode of the blog we give you recommendations on how you can improve your farm and keep your cows healthy.