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As the only part of a milking system to be exposed to the teat, a premium quality liner must adhere to strict hygiene regulations whilst remaining both gentle on the sensitive teats and ensuring efficient milking. 

The Impulse Air Dairy Inflation: 

The Impulse Air system is a unique development in milking technology. By introducing air at the mouthpiece of the dairy liner behind the milk, the potentially damaging effects of the vacuum are reduced. The air vent helps to move the milk away from the teats, keeping them dry, reducing splash back and preventing bacteria from entering the teat. The overall result of this air vent is a gentle massage on the teat, whilst also reducing the somatic cell count (SCC) and the risk of mastitis. The innovative triangular liner technology improves the liner's grip on the teat, whilst the air vent improves the milk flow, increasing milk output and reducing cross-contamination. The Impulse Air system combines a revolutionary shell design with the anti-twist, interlocking triangular dairy inflation. Overall, the innovative Impulse Air milking inflation delivers an enhanced milking performance. 

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The features and benefits of the Impulse Air Dairy Inflation:

    • Improves teat condition: reduces teat congestion, teat ringing and hyperkeratosis
    • Dryer teats through milk removal and reduced splash back 
    • Improves overall herd health by reducing SCC and mastitis levels
    • Gentler milking results in a more relaxed herd giving relaxed parlor conditions
    • The liners triangular technology reduces slips and kick-offs
    • Less liner movement giving gentle opening and closing phases
    • A patented and award winning design 

For information on the compatibility of our Impulse and Impulse Air milking inflations please click here.


"After the very first milking, I immediately saw an improvement; teat congestion improved; there were no visible rings on the udder; and I noticed that the teat ends were completely dry. Over time I noticed the SCC was effectively improving, week-by-week and the cow’s udder conditions got visibly better."
Stefano Cossa, Buccinasco, Northern Italy.
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Triangular vs. Round Dairy Inflation Technology 

Both the Impulse, Impulse Air and Ultraliner liners use the milkrite | InterPuls triangular inflation technology. The triangular technology provides a more synchronized closing action on the teat ends compared to the round inlfation. The triangular inflation gently massages the cow's teat, resulting in less hyperkeratosis whilst also preventing slips and improving grip around the teat.

The features and benefits of the Triangular Dairy Inflation:

  • Improves milk quality and efficiency through a synchronized closing actions
  • Improved teat condition and cow comfort through a gentler milking
  • Gentle milking and increased cow comfort creates relaxed parlour conditions
  • Lowers somatic cell count and as an effect a reduction in cases of mastitis


TLC Ultraliner Range

In addition to Impulse and Impulse Air, we also produce another liner that utilises the triangular milking liner technology; expect that this range of liners fit into a round shell, the Ultraliner TLC (Triangular Liner Collapse). The Ultraliner TLC liner range uses and benefits from our triangular technology (less slipping, improved comfort, less teat damage ect) but has the added benefit of being able to fit into any existing parlours round shells, simply purchase the liners and fit them to your milking system setting them into your round shells.

The features and benefits of the Ultraliner TLC range:

  • Triangular liner technology ensures a more gentle and comfortable milking
  • A more cost effective solution to our premium product
  • Less risk of liner slipping and teat-end damage
  • Adaptable and easily installed into any parlour regardless of existing settings



The Ultraliner is our round milk liner range. Ultraliner offers a variety of different liners to fit most makes and types of dairy shells for all cows, goat and sheep breeds.

For information on the compatibility of our Ultraliner milking inflations please click here.

The features and benefits of the Ultraliner range:

  • Ultraliners are available in an extensive range that can fit most parlour types
  • Warranted to 2500 milkings in the EU BfR compound
  • Warranted to 2500 milking in the long life US FDA compound
  • Warranted to 1200 milkings in the short life US FDA compound
  • Ultraliners are tried and tested quality liner designed and manufactured by milkrite | InterPuls
  • Approved food-grade materials that conform to the stringent BfR, RAL, reach and FDA guidelines


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