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Our Story

About Us

milkrite | InterPuls is a global leader providing complete milking point solutions to dairy farmers across the world with the aim of improving every farm it touches. milkrite | InterPuls is a division of Avon Rubber and since 1885 the business has been producing products for the dairy industry. This means that milkrite | InterPuls has over 100 years of manufacturing experience in the dairy industry.

At milkrite | InterPuls, we support both businesses and farmers with innovative products, services and continuous training activities. Together, with exceptional research and development, we are building the farm of the future. We provide fully integrated systems where all the aspects of herd management and milking are integrated: constantly monitoring and controlling efficient milking.

You will find our products and services all over the world, from South Africa to Thailand. We serve them through a well-developed network of distributors and technical dealers which are constantly developing.


Company Presentation

Watch our company presentation video to find out more about our company and see what makes milkrite | InterPuls great. See how we are helping to improve every farm we touch and why we are one of the a global leaders in dairy technology, paving the way in supplying complete milking point solutions to dairy farmers across the world.

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