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Automatic Remover - ACRsmart


The ACRsmart from milkrite | InterPuls offers the highest level of automated cluster removal.

The ACRsmart is the ideal solution for the farmer that aims for top performance in automated cluster removal. The ACRsmart is equipped with a clear LED display system, which indicates for the farmer: the presence of milk within the system, continual flow and flow rate, automatic milking, simulations for the farmer, washing statistics, error and issues.

The features and benefits of the ACRsmart:

  • Advanced pulsation and stimulation control:
  • Advanced cluster removal control
  • Less over milking
  • Easy to program
  • User friendly
  • Comfortable operation

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iMilk600 HD

ACRsmart MMV and HFS 

The milkrite | InterPuls ACRsmart MMV is also available with the HFS Sensor module.



The milkrite | InterPuls’ Universal Power Supply (IUP) is used to supply direct current to various devices, including the iMilk600, ACRsmart and the ACRsmart MMV. The target output voltage of this device is 24VDC; however, this amount is adjustable between 20V and 26.4V maximum.

Voltage output from the device is divided into 4 channels. This protects the devices that are supplied and, in the event of a fault on one of the 4 lines, it enables the rest of the system of operate correctly. If all 4 output lines are used simultaneously in a symmetrical way, maximum current supplied to each channel is 3.25A (13A / 4 = 3.25A).

The IUP is protected against: short-circuits, over-load, over-voltage and overheating.


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