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Cleaning Solutions

The Top Wash IV

The Top Wash IV is our latest innovation in the world of Dairy Washing systems. The Top Wash IV gives you a high performance, reducing your operation costs and saving you time, the Top Wash IV represents the next milestone in washing and farm management technology. 

The features and benefits of the Top Wash IV:

  • UHassle-free straight forward washing & parlour cleaning
  • Saves you time and money through its low maintenance requirements 
  • Great programming flexibility
  • Ability to be programmed remotely, so you dont even have to be on farm!
  • Washing programs are fully customisable 
  • Gives you accurate data and washing reports 
  • Great for the environment thanks to its water saving function
  • Pause mode for washing

Related Products

Top Wash III HD

The Top Wash III HD (Heavy Duty) range is easy to install, program and use. Ideal for those who are looking for a reliable industrial washing machine. Top Wash Heavy Duty has been designed to meet the typical cleaning and sanitisation needs of the modern milking parlour.

The features and benefits of the Top Wash III HD:

  • Up to 10 washing cycles per program
  • Great programming flexibility
  • Temperature probe for water check up
  • Oversized and external solenoid valves (190l/min)
  • Plug & Play device
  • Peristaltic pumps for Alkaline/Acid dosing
  • Sanivac and TurboWash friendly
  • Standby of the washing cycle in case of black-outs
  • Pause mode for washing
  • Reliable electronics

Top Wash Lite II

milkrite | InterPuls introduce the latest release of the Top Wash Lite range. The washing programmer Top Wash Lite II incorporates the smart, user-friendly design of the Top Wash Lite and the performance of the over-sized water solenoids.

The features and benefits of the Top Wash Lite II:

  • Plug & Play competitive solution
  • Top hygiene and equipment sanitation
  • Straightforward to program
  • Sturdy electronic and IP65 Protected

Cluster Flush  

Our Cluster Flush allows individual washing of the milking clusters during the milking process, allowing the operator to milk with the other clusters whilst one is being cleaned. The Cluster Flush grants the perfect cleaning solution not only of the cluster itself, but also of its tubing. This helps to prevent infections and to reduce both somatic and bacterial cell count. The Cluster Flush component is adaptable to all milkrite | InterPuls panels.

iMilk600 HD

TurboWash 4000 

A clean milking parlor is essential to obtaining high-quality milk. milkrite | InterPuls has new air injector models for cleaning parlors: the Turbowash 4000 and Turbowash 4000p. The Turbowash 4000 is programmable via a control panel on other milkrite | InterPuls cleaning devices like the Top Wash III, where as the Turbowash 4000P is programmable via its basic button system.

The new air injectors increase turbulence during washing by injecting air inside the system via tubing (up to 4000l/min of air capacity). They are simple to program and are fitted with reliable electronics whilst having a low energy consumption. They require a service and general maintenance check every six-months to ensure they are operating to maximum efficiency.


Cooling Tank Controller  

The new milkrite | InterPuls Cooling Tank Controller is the perfect solution for ensuring the correct temperature control and level of hygiene is achieved within your milk tank.

 The features and benefits of the Cooling Tank Controller:

  • Prevent limestone and organic material deposits 
  • Reduced energy consumption 
  • Low environmental impact as the unit is comprised from recycled materials 
  • Increase the life of the milk tank
  • Ensures high quality milk

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